First Degree Rowing Machines: You Can Have Fun While Working Out

In modern times, rowing had been rediscovered as a good exercise for achieving a healthy, robust body, and it has now become a part of many people's fitness regimen. First Degree Fitness followed on that philosophy and a thriving company was born and it prospered with the support of health-conscious people who subscribed to the same idea. Check this interesting site to get more idea about first degree rowing machines.
In the olden days, aside from the fun and adventure, rowing was also a means of escaping deadly enemies. The art and principle of rowing had always been the same ever since. It was so until modern times, when First Degree Fitness took the benefits of rowing and built them into its indoor rowing equipment.
Today, First Degree rowing machines include the following:- the First Degree Fitness fluid rowers - including the E-216 Fluid rower, the E-316 Fluid rower and the E-520 Fluid rower - as well as the First Degree Pacific Rower.
First Degree Fluid Rower
For city dwellers and those doing health exercise routines, the main advantage is that the First Degree Fluid rowers have made indoor rowing so life-like and real that doing it, one could feel the water, the fluid's natural catch and the natural tug of resistance, just like out there in nature.
Like all the other rowers in the First Degree Fitness family, these modern exercise machines have unmatched durability and ease of use. The goods come in the form of a great body workout, and the burning of calories and carbohydrates.
More fun came in the form of its simple routine - no rituals, no preparations. The game plan is to simply sit and go. The rowers earned some great low-impact body workout with some considerable cardio and calorie burn.
First Degree Pacific Rower
One trade secret about the First Degree Fitness Pacific rower - the key component is the multiple-chambered ribbed tank internals. This gives it the natural resistance of water on oars.
Developed in collaboration with professional rowers, the Pacific rower brings you the feel and sound of real on-water rowing. Not only that, it even gives out the sound of a churned water as well, just like what one hears out there on a river or ocean. No mechanical whirring sounds, no cables, no dead zones, no metal squeaks.
No Gimmicks
All these are not for show, either. Every physical fitness buff who knows his business would tell you that working with water has its natural edge - the harder one works, the tougher it gets.
Designed to look great in any room, the First Degree Pacific rower is constructed with components made of stainless steel paddles inside its tough, marine-grade polycarbonate tanks. It can hold 9 to 17 liters of water.
The ergonomically-designed handles are made to avoid strain on your arms, hands and wrists. The belt drive assures the feel of fluid resistance during exercise.
The foot board has a distinctive heel support system that instantly adjusts to your foot size.
These First Degree Fitness rowing machines are beginning to look like some big boy's toys - fun to play with, but with very visible health benefits.